In the real system, on a human, we can modify the system by substituting baking soda to insulin and vinegar to high glucose level in the blood. We can improve the system by making it more mobile and small enough to be placed on the human’s body. We could use it in humans especially small children who do not like to get injections. 

5.1 Practical Applications

  1. We can apply this set-up in the real world with type 1 diabetes. We will use the real insulin and a real patient with type 1 diabetes. We will mainly look for the high glucose level in the blood.We can also use this concept to fight against Arthritis.It is a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.Saline water will be pumped into your knees if your pain if on the knees so that you can stretch the knee.So we can use the same concept which is like the system can put he system at the body part on where your pain is.The when you feel pain, you can press a button in the system which automatically pumps in saline water to ease your pain.

5.2 Areas for further study

Future Development:

We could create the actual set-up which uses annikken andee to connect to the mobile phones to check their glucose level which is substituted by vinegar and PCB boarding instead of breadboard as many wires in the breadboard is very messy. We could also use an universal indicator to check the pH of the vinegar and neutralised solution. We can also make it smaller and portable,so that it can fit onto the human body and we must make it light so we can use light materials such as aluminium for the system ( Annikken Pte Ltd, 2014).

Annikken Andee

What is Annikken Andee?

Annikken Andee allows you to easily monitor and control electrical devices and gadgets wirelessly via Bluetooth.Annikken Andee is a smart bluetooth shield for Arduino, designed to make mobile integration simple without iOS or Android programming. Design graphical user interface on your mobile device by coding in your Arduino IDE using the Andee Library.

How are we going to use it in our experiment? 

Firstly,we will be using PC boarding since it is smaller and portable and then we would use a  android or an iPhone to connect to the Annikken Andee so that the people who are using our product knows how much level of diabetes that he has and how he can cope with it.Later we would be using the same concept to make the controller for arthritis using Annikken Andee 

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